Irrigation Systems

Design and Installation

Texas Irrigation Design is a locally owned, full-service irrigation contractor providing the Katy,Fort Bend and Houston areas with top-quality customer service and superior design and installation services. Our designers implement the latest technologies and products available on the market to ensure that our systems are built within all local rules and regulations, which can be found at More importantly our systems are designed with water conservation at the forefront.  

If an appointment is scheduled, a Licensed Technician will consult with you at the property, discuss the scope of the project, answer any questions you may have, then provide you with an estimate based on your requirements. Or, if you request a quote on-line on the Inquire a quote page, upload your property survey and a few photos, we can provide you a quote within 24hrs! (Sometimes the same day!)

Texas Irrigation Design maintains the highest standards of project management and workmanship. We staff our projects with only the most experienced and highly qualified irrigation technicians. All of our technicians are Licensed by The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)  In the State of Texas, it is against the law to sell, design, repair or install sprinklers without a license! .  You can confirm if licenses are valid and current at

Consulting, Evaluations, and 2-Wire Troubleshooting

Need professional advice for your commercial or residential project? Texas Irrigation Design can help plan, design and/or redesign your project.

Texas Irrigation Design represents the City of Sugar Land as well as North Fort Bend Water Authority (NFBWA) with it's water conservation programs, known as the W.I.S.E Guys residential program. A Licensed Technician will evaluate your existing system and make reccomendations for improvement. This is a free service to you if you live in the City of Sugar Land and N.F.B.W.A This program is designed to conserve water as well as save you money in your water bill.

2-Wire systems require maintenance in order to keep the system operating efficiently. In order to offer resolutions to specific problems on a 2-Wire path, our highly trained technichians are equipped with the latest in troubleshooting technology such as Time Domain Reflectometers, Advanced Use Multimeters, Advanced Use Wire Tracers, and decoder programmers. Our equipment allows us to locate specific problems on the 2-Wire path close to the controller or miles away from the controller. The most common issues on a 2-Wire path are faulty connections and improper grounding. These issues can be a daunting task for even the most higlhy skilled irrigation technichians who are not properly trained in 2-Wire troubleshooting resulting in increased costs to the customer. Customers who greatly benefit from these services are apartment complexes, multi use sports complexes, independent school districts, commercial use properties, large estate properties, municipal utility districts, industrial facilities, etc. Call today to set up your annual Service Agreement designed for your specific needs.

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Rain Bird - FD601TURF - Field Decoder, Interfacing Signal Line and up to 6 Individual ValvesHunter ICD100 Station DecoderImage result for hunter ACCImage result for Rainbird ESP LXDArmada Pro48K Solenoid Tester TechTool Kit


Backflow Testing and Repair

In an effort to keep our water supply safe, it is recommended by the TCEQ to have your Backflow Prevention Device tested annually, however it is in fact a requirement in some municipalities.  (Texas Water Code Chapter 37, Title 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 30, Subchapter B,30 TAC Chapter 290).  This is the device that is located on the side of your house or your commercial property that usually breaks during a freeze if not winterized properly.

             Febco 765 1 in. PVB Backflow Preventer                      Febco 850 3/4" Double Check Valve Assembly - Small Diameter (1112)                                    Image result for febco reduced pressure assembly                           Image result for febco reduced pressure assembly

What is backflow and how does it affect my water supply?

Backflow is the undesirable reversal of flow in a potable water distribution system. Water will always flow to the point of lowest pressure. If there is a water main break or if fire hydrants are being used to flush the lines or fight a fire, the pressure in the water main could drop. The demand upstream could cause a reversal of flow from your irrigation system. Your backflow prevention device is designed to keep water in the irrigation system from reversing flow and contaminating your water supply. Because backflow prevention devices are mechanical devices, they require annual testing to make sure they are operating properly. Having your backflow prevention device tested annually will make sure that you and your neighbor’s water supply is protected from any backflow contamination/pollution such as fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, pet waste, etc. Call today to have your backflow prevention device tested which is required by state law. All reports are documented using TCEQ approved forms.

Maintenance and Repair

Need ongoing maintenance of your system? We'll evaluate your system and provide a plan that fits your needs. Ask us about our annual service agreement!
The annual service agreement includes a Spring Start Up, Summer Tune-Up, Fall Tune Down and Winterization.


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