Texas Irrigation Design and Lighting also specializes in the installaton of large scale landscapes.  Landscape Architects hire us to install their Landscape Designs per the plan.  We are a one stop shop for Landscape Architects, Custom Home Builders and General Contractors because of our ability to see a project all the way through from start to finish.  We are registered with the City of Houston, The City of Sugar Land, The City of Katy, The City of Bellaire, The City of West University, and all the 5 Villages and pretty much anywhere else where permits need to be pulled.  We follow all local rules and regulations, and understand the importance, so projects do not get held up by failed inspections.  We stream line the process in package deals so permitting and installation can be implemented promptly.  The process is usually as follows:

  • We clear the property of underbrush, debris etc...
  • Trim tree canopies and clean up trees accordingly.
  • Prepare the propety for drainage and installation.
  • Prepare the property for landscaping and installation.
  • Prepare the property for irrigaiton and installation.
  • Provide a final grade for the property then install sod.

When it is all completed there is a final walkthrough of all phases of the project, as each phase is completed, to ensure that everything is completed per the customer's expectations and agreed to scope of work.